OUR VISION is that boys and men of color, empowered to succeed in school and career, strengthen the Central Arkansas community. And we need your help to make our vision a reality. 

How you do that is up to you–but you have a few options:

  • Support us: By following us on Facebook and Twitter and joining our newsletter email list, you are showing that you are a supporter of boys and men of color in Central Arkansas. We also encourage you to share what we post to help other folks see what a valuable asset these gentlemen are within our community. 
  • Partner with us: We have a partnership application you can complete if you'd like to officially join BMOST as a full-fledged partner. More information is available below as well as in the partnership application itself.

Interested in becoming a Partner? 

When you sign BMOST's Partnership Agreement, BMOST will:

  • Foster a community of learning and mutual support
  • Provide capacity-building opportunities related to organizational management, sustainability, youth engagement and support, and advocacy
  • Provide opportunities to increase resources for Partner organizations to implement strategies aligned with the vision and goals of the Consortium
  • Promote Partner-led events that are aligned with the vision and goals of the Consortium
  • Coordinate opportunities for action and policy change that improve education and career opportunities for boys and men of color

In return for all that, BMOST expects Partners to:

  • Understand and acknowledge the vision and goals of BMOST
  • Provide expertise in one or more areas critical to BMOST’s collective ability to realize its vision and achieve its goals
  • Share knowledge and data, when available, with other BMOST Partners and participate in the common assessment strategies of BMOST
  • Contribute to long-term systemic change by engaging other BMOST Partners and the Central Arkansas community in discussions related to best practices, promising innovations, and opportunities to create a Better Now for boys and men of color
  • Build awareness and support for BMOST and of impediments to systemic change among community leaders, students, families, educators, business leaders, and policymakers in Arkansas
  • Promote programs and activities that are part of BMOST’s annual work plans
  • Align existing programs and services with BMOST’s strategies when possible
  • Support meeting the administrative needs of BMOST
  • Provide volunteers to support BMOST’s collective actions

So are you ready to partner with us to create a #BetterNow for boys and men of color in Central Arkansas? If so, sign BMOST's Partnership Agreement now