BMOST is a network of organizations that collaborate to create pathways to attainable and sustainable success for boys and men of color in Central Arkansas.


Boys and men of color, empowered to succeed in school and career, strengthen the Central Arkansas community. 


Boys and men of color graduate high school prepared for college and the workplace, they have access to high-skilled jobs that pay family-supporting wages, and Central Arkansas acknowledges their inarguable value.


What We Do


Build Capacity
Promote capacity building for organizations and institutions that are working to improve education and career opportunities for boys and men of color in Central Arkansas. 


Tell a Better Story
Help get the word out about what boys and men of color are doing to make Central Arkansas a better, stronger community.


Increase Resources
Increase resources available to organizations and institutions committed to supporting boys and men of color.  


Network and Build the Movement
Coordinate organizations and individuals determined to create a better now for boys and men of color in Central Arkansas.